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Smart's Child With Fish

Smart's Child With Fish

Fish of various applications, in addition to displays in the aquarium fish when in consumption among other benefits corpulent make educating your child's brain.
When pregnancy is the most important time for brain development and other vital organs. Omega 3, DHA, and EPA is very important and indispensable for the development of these vital organs. It also helps prevent babies from being born prematurely.

For mothers who are pregnant, it is advisable to consume fatty acids, omega-3, DHA and EPA which plays an important role in the development of a baby's brain, eyes and other vital organs. Not necessarily with expensive drugs, which could be a natural fact that gives maximum results.

Critical elements are widely found in fish, which is the best source of fatty acids. We recommend that you select sardines, herring and salmon are rich in omega 3 but it proved to be low mercury and other contaminants. Experts advise choosing wild salmon than farmed. You can consume two or three fish a week. Or if you want an easier, the consumption of eggs enriched with omega-3s.

As an alternative, pregnant mothers can get the omega 3 that is free poison by way of using canola oil for cooking and flaxseed oil for salad seasoning. However, flaxseed oil rupture if exposed to heat, so it's not good for cooking. Both are sources of alpha linolenic acid which the body converted into DHA and EPA.

For those of you that vegetarians can use canola oil, omega 3 eggs plus snacks of dried beans and walnuts regularly. If you want to use supplements should follow your doctor's advice


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