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6 properties of shark liver oil

6 properties of shark liver oil include:

1. Squalene as an amplifier and adder passions
Squalene (shark oil) is one of the raw materials in the manufacture of cholesterol and steroids. Cholesterol is a very important organic materials and are found in tissue such as fat, the cell membrane, nervous system, blood, etc.. Cholesterol also plays an important role in metabolic processes and can be formed when activated vitamin D to improve bone growth and development. Cholesterol can also be processed into hormone. While steroids can also be made from a hormone and this hormone plays an important role in our everyday lives. Without the human hormone is powerless either physically, mentally, sexually and socially. Generally the elderly people who have decreased sexual desire his good due to reduced estrogen levels (In women) and testosterone (In men), then with the addition of squalene in the body, low hormone levels are not only able to be restored but even may be increased to be maximal. Squalene in elderly people can also improve and enhance the function of sex and the pituitary gland is known as the base source of arousal reaction.
2. As the amplifier function and healing heart disease
It has been reported by several hospitals belong to the University of Tokyo and Fakuoka and also the National Hospital in Japan, after trying to treat those suffering from inflammation of the liver / Lever, they concluded that squalene useful and efficacious to cure the disease.
3. Efficacious for Disease militus (can stabilize blood sugar levels in the body)
Diabetes (Diabetes militus) is a disease caused by deficiency of insulin. Insulin is a hormone produced by the type of pancreas glands and functions to process the food especially the metabolism of carbohydrates or sugar. Squalene is a raw material for the manufacture of hormones, in this case is to manufacture insulin. Thus squalene addition is to strengthen and improve the pancreatic gland, he also helped enhance the production of insulin needed by the body.
4. Improving Resilience Body (maintain stamina)
Doctors in Japan believe that if Squalene drunk in patients can help improve the body's immune system (immunological system), because the squalene molecule consisting of polymeric isoprene and terpene called triterpene. This substance has been proven can be as interferon inducer. Interferon can increase both the number and activity of the cells in the bone marrow, lymph nodes, liver and tymus. Type of cells with enhanced capacity and resilience are mainly T cells and B lymphocytes and macrophages cells. And in Japan before discovered antibiotics, squalene is widely used to treat tuberculosis, hepatitis, diabetes, colds, flu etc..
5. Functioning As disenfektan On Injury
Squalene is as an effective source of oxygen supplier. Like the Ozone (O3), which is sterilizing and supplier O2. Because ozone breaks down into On (Nasendi and O2), where On is a killer of germs and O2 to enable and improve the metabolism of the cells concerned. Likewise, the same properties as Ozone squalene. Injury or inflammation had not only become sterile and speedy recovery, but also does not feel pain / pain, this agrees with the theory developed by Drs. Yoka, namely: Pain is caused by oxygen shortage (Morbidity is due to lack of oxygen).
6. And pooped eliminate stiff
Fatigue is sluggish and stiff, among others, due to the deposition of lactic acid in skeletal muscle due to imperfect combustion. Squalene which is rich in oxygen in the body will flow and spread to all tissues of the body and supply oxygen. Thus precipitated lactic acid in the muscle fibers will dioksider until discharged into CO2, H2O and energy. And finally restored muscle function and body feeling fresh and healthy.

Squalene when applied to the skin can be absorbed very easily. Squalene is absorbed within 0.5 seconds and spread in an area of 1 mm and less than one minute was reached and spread in capillary blood vessels. Since squalene is a normal constituent of sebum and the gum once it is very useful as moisturizers, ointments, skin smoothing and removing wrinkles.
Peptic And Beneficial To duodenum
According to the American medical magazine, reported that squalene is very useful and efficacious for the treatment of gastric ulcer and duodenum without causing side effects. Basic descriptions are as described. Can Prevent Cancer
Squalene containing compounds consisting of terpene and triterpene, two chemicals have been proven to function as an interferon inducer. Substances that this final works to increase and activate the T lymphocyte cells, especially natural killer cells. Natural killer cell is a killer of cancer cells. Can stabilize the work function Heart
Some previous research reported that increased consumption of shark or any fish oil resulted in decreased risk of death from heart attack. This fact was then led to the idea that fish oil can balance or stabilize the heart rhythm.

Squalene TS get this straight from the Tuna Boat, which of course the ships are not the main purpose for hunting sharks Tuna bottle but the majority are exported to Japan. When TS get this squalene, TS can not be directly in the bottle packaging. But was deposited during the first three days to get the most pure of squalene. After that by means of a special filter that squalene was found clean and pure. 100% of the oil obtained from tuna vessels, 50-70% that can be included in the packaging after precipitation and filtration processes.
Peptic And Beneficial To duodenum
According to the American medical magazine, reported that squalene is very useful and efficacious to treat peptic ulcers and duodenum without causing side effects.

Shark liver

Shark liver oil is rich in heart. In some species of shark, liver oil content can reach 80%. Liver oil contains vitamin A and skualen. Skualen can be used as a cosmetic ingredient.
Improve health and endurance. Reduce dizzy or faint due to low blood. Prevent the development of cancer cells. Lowering cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides in the blood. Helping patients with coronary heart disease. Launched a bowel movement. Normalize blood sugar. Rhematoid alleviate arthritis sufferers.

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