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Betel leaf is very popular in our society. Often times, these vines are found in the yard. Betel (Piper betle L or Chavica aurculata Miq) are easily planted. Simply by using cuttings and given enough water, this plant can grow well in hot areas or in a protected place.

There are several types of betel leaf, known in the community. For example, betel java (leaves softer, less sharp, green grass), betel netherlands (large leaf, green poultice taste and smell sharp and spicy), betel clove (small, yellow leaves, taste like cloves), betel leaves yellow, and betel black.

Betel is very rich in nutritious substances. Among others, essential oils, hidroksikavicol, kavicol, kavibetol, allylpyrokatekol, cyneole, caryophyllene, cadinene, estragol, terpennena, sesquiterpene, phenyl propane, tannins, diastase, sugar and starch.

Effect of active material contained in all parts of the betel plant is to stimulate the central nervous, stimulate thought, enhance peristaltic movement, stimulate seizures, relieve nature of snoring. Betel leaf has the effect of preventing premature ejaculation, lethal fungus Candida albicans, anti-seizures, analgesics, anesthetics, on smooth muscle cramp relief, motion controllers suppressant, reduces the secretion of fluid in the vagina, the immune suppressor, protecting the liver, and antidiarrheal.

Betel plant is also known to overcome cough, bronchitis, eliminate body odor, treat burns, nosebleeds, ulcers, itching and red eyes, sore and itchy, stop bleeding gums, canker sores, eliminates bad breath, pimples, whitish, and reduce production excessive breast milk.

To cure a cough, a total of 15 pieces of betel leaf with three glasses of boiled water until the remaining 3/4-nya, drink with honey. Medicine for bronchitis, as many as seven pieces of betel leaf and one slice of rock sugar with two cups of boiling water until the remaining one glass, drink a day 3 X 1 / 3 cup. Eliminates body odor, five betel leaves boiled in two cups of water up into a glass, drank during the day.

Burn treatment, the water is squeezed fresh leaves, plus a little honey, provide information on the place burns. Nosebleeds, youngish leaves crushed one sheet, rolled up to clog the nose bleed. Boils, betel leaf sufficiently washed, ground into fine, smeared on boils around him, bandaged. Replaced twice daily.

Cope with the itching and red eyes, five to six leaves boiled with a glass of water until boiling. After the cold to wash your eyes by wearing glasses of water until boiling. After the cold to wash the eye with eye wash wear glasses. Three times a day until healed.

To ulceration and itching, as many as 20 pieces of boiled, when used to wash warm. Stop bleeding gums, four pieces of leaves boiled in two cups of water, used in mouthwash. Ulcer drugs, fresh betel leaves as much as one to two clean sheets, chewed until creamed, and the waste discarded.

To eliminate bad breath, as much as two to four pieces of leaves, crushed, and then poured boiling water, is used to gargle. Acne drug, seven to 10 pieces of betel leaf powder, then poured boiling water with two glasses of hot water. The water used to wash face with acne. A day made two to three times.

Drug whitish, as many as 10 leaves boiled with 2.5 liters of water, warm burrow used for washing the genitalia. To reduce the excessive production of milk, a few pieces of betel leaf smeared with coconut oil, warmed on the fire to die away, a warm-hot glue around the swollen breast ...


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