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Natural Honey Save various properties

Natural Honey Save various properties

Natural honey sweet liquids, other than a very nutritious and useful as drugs to support health and beauty, is also often used in the kitchen or at the dinner table as a sweetener taste of bread, mixed drinks, or to make a cake, pastries, various drinks, and even spice up a variety of dishes meat and fish.
But as we know, honey has natural hygroscopic properties which easily absorbs water from the surrounding air, so that when the water level rises, will experience the fermentation (fermentation). When it comes to experiencing the fermentation, ordinary course also has decreased the quality and usefulness of bias becomes damaged. For that needed knowledge about how good and proper storage. Natural honey should be stored in a dry and cool place because it can absorb and hold water. When stored in wet or cold, moist easy. Do not put honey into the refrigerator because apart so humid too lumpy.

The recommended storage temperature is 50-10 degrees centigrade. Because it has many proven if stored in low temperature, will be more durable. If honey crystallizes, then to melt by opening a bottle cap and soak in warm water (temperature 60 degrees Celsius until the liquid again. Or, may be heated by microwave 1-3 minutes. Stir every 30 seconds until completely melted.

If you want to take, measures or measuring natural honey using a spoon to be used ituke in hot water, so that does not stick to the spoon cairanya. Natural honey may be used to replace other sweeteners and can be used for sweeteners in a variety of drinks, especially cold drinks.

If you want to change the recipe cake or cookies, especially to replace sugar with natural honey in the same number of doses, do not forget to subtract the liquid ingredients (milk, water, fruit juice) ¼ of the amount of fluid that is written in the recipe. And when using honey to make a cake do not forget to subtract the temperature of the oven when roasting 15 degrees Celsius. Because the use of honey cake, will usually burn faster.

If you want to use honey as masaklan flavor, choose a soft-scented honey. Combine honey or dark honey color of the visible dark will generally be harder aroma and flavor. Because natural honey can also absorb odors, so storage should be in closed containers, and the best special bottle just made of glass materials. Because honey is not good when stored in a container made of metal. Honey should not be brewed with hot water, because it can damage the nutritional value or composition which is contained inside.

Except when drunk directly stored in the open for a long time. Because it is not good if you want to separate the clean honey wax is heated manner. According to the research, natural honey which is stored in room temperature will decrease 3.6% in the first year and increase to 25.4% reduction in quality due to fermentative processes in the second year.

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