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10 Healthy Foods For Heart

10 Healthy Foods For Heart

"Eating walnuts each day" is a potent recipe. Thus expressed Tuvana Bain, MD in a medical conferences. Some phones have the effect of walnuts is suspected to derive levels of endothelin, a natural compound that causes inflammation or immune reaction in the arteries contributing to heart attacks.

So what is healthy food for our heart? Here's some decent food types recommended:

Rich in saponin, a Phy-chemical compounds that inhibit cancer growth, as antioxidants, have the nature of inhibiting microbial growth, lowers blood cholesterol, lowering blood glucose levels, are antibiotics, and raises the effect of increasing immunity. One presentation of the asparagus was not enough to give saponin, but with a combination of other saponin-rich foods such as kinoa (quinoa) is a kind of cereal which is the staple food of Indian society, it will get enough for the body of saponin. Asparagus also contains anti-inflammatory nutrients such as folate, vitamin C and D

An analysis of Scranton University of Pennsylvania showed that consume as much as 170 grams of dark chocolate a day will be able to avert the occurrence of atherosclerosis, reduce levels of LDL (so-called bad cholesterol) and triglycerides, increase HDL. Also reported that cocoa contains phenols antiseptic, anti-inflammatory compounds that make oxidized fats in the bloodstream that obstruct blood vessels.
3.Green tea

Green tea has lower caffeine content than black tea or tea Olong and very easy for the presentation. Yet a third above the menandung antioxidants like vitamins A, C and E and flavonoids (an organic compound that is able to dissolve the carcinogens and fight cancer cells)

Often identified with salmon, but it has omega-3 fatty acid content higher that they can lower triglyceride levels and decrease your risk aterosklerotis growth (thinning and hardening process of blood vessel walls due to fatty deposits) and lower risk of arrhythmia (abnormal heartbeat) that can causing a sudden heart attack. Presentation of 85 grams of fresh herring will provide approximately 2 grams of omega 3.

Soluble fiber in oatmeal is able to derive levels of LDL and expelled from the body. Oats are also a source of protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, thiamin, folacin and vitamin E than other types of food grains.

Research at the University of Jerusalem Hebrews shows that the flavanone (subcategory flavanoid), commonly known as the active antioxidant in citrus able to derive LDL and increase HDL. Furthermore, also mentioned that people with high cholesterol levels are strongly advised to consume a lot of orange, grape and lemon sebelu switch on statin drugs (cholesterol lowering drugs).

This fruit contains much that is useful for digestive enzymes and potassium, which is the heart of nutrients. Medium-size pieces of papaya will contain 781mg potassium levels compared to medium-size banana that only 371mg.
8.Dried plums

Sugar in dried plums is very natural. Dried plums are known as prune contains many antioxidants. Prune it also contains many fibers, suspected to prolong the life and prevent heart attacks. Half cup serving (100gram) will donate 25 percent of daily fiber needs.
9.Sweet potato / sweet potato

The more variety of vegetables that we konsumsin color the better. Sweet potatoes contain carotenoids antioxidants that protect the heart from free radical attack.

At the outset it is mentioned that the ability to reduce levels of endothelin and the content of linoleic acid (ALA) omega-3 fatty acids found in fish such as herring and salmon.


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