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To be able to sleep well at night

To be able to sleep well at night

There are a lot done when we sleep. During sleep, our bodies also fix the damaged cells in the body also makes our mind become calmer. Lack of sleep can lead to emotional instability, fatigue, decreased ability to think. Unfortunately, many people who find it difficult to sleep at night. Although already intend to sleep, but could not shut his eyes and no sense of drowsiness. How so you can enjoy a sound sleep at night?

Do not over eat at night

Try to keep your dinner does not go through at 19:00. Belly full of lead body is still doing the digestive process, so that the body had rested. Although not a heavy meal, snack food consumption is also reduced at night.

Do not engage in activities that consume time and mental thoughts before bed

Activities or jobs that require consideration can cause you trouble sleeping. The debate is done at night also cause similar effects. So, do not let the activity be done after 20:30 hours of the night.

Bathing with hot water

These activities can make the body more relaxed so you can sleep more quickly. This hot water bath with you can do one hour before bedtime.

Drinking hot milk

It also can help the body relax and sleep more soundly.

Turn off the lights

When bedtime, turn off your bedroom lights. If you're used to sleeping at night and want to sleep more quickly, then you already are trying to do so in the room and a half hours from the time you specify, turn off the lights and try to close your eyes.

Use perfume or slow music

You can use aromatherapy to be more calm. If possible, turn on the slow music that can help you relax.

Reading books

Books read books should not burden the mind as a romantic story book. However, choose books that contain inspirational things.

Feel your body

We were in bed, feel your body. This will help you realize that you're ready for bed.

Set breath

With a deep breath and set it, you can get used to and the same as when you have slept well.

Write a Diary (Diary)

Write a journal before bed can also make you enjoy a good night's sleep. With journal writing, as though you are downloading your mind and will ease the burden of mind that makes the mind calmer and sleep more soundly.

Enjoy your sleep!


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