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Dates For Health Benefits

Dates For Health Benefits


Fasting is identical to the dates, it said some people who realize how often they saw a man selling dates in the month of Ramadan compared with other fruits. They consider the dates in moderation, can eliminate hunger while before doing any other advanced service.

Dates that have a latin name phoenix dactilifera been known since the Paleolithic. Dates are a type of plant is widely grown palms in the Arabian Peninsula and some people consider dates only live in the desert. But in other regions that have stayed relatively high drought, dates can also be life. Now, sweet fruit that became the mainstay of agricultural commodities which sells hardware to be sold by Arab, Africa and even China.

According to Prof. Dr. Ir Ali Khomsan, MS, dates contain useful nutrients for the body. "At least sugar (glucose) became the main component with a composition that reaches 50 percent of the total content of the fruit," he said. IPB professor also said that, it implies higher than other fruits which only reaches 20-30 percent.

On dates that are still soft (cooked in a tree and not dried) sugar content of around 60 percent. While the dates that have been drained of its content is quite high, around 70 percent. Sugar content in the palm has a poor absorption, about 45-50 minutes so the time for processing to be distributed to the nutrients in the blood become quite long.

This desert fruit also contains many vitamins that are needed by the body. Vitamin A, thiamin, riboflavin, iron, vitamin B is in the palm fruit. Riboflavin and niacin for example, will help release energy from food, while thiamin helps release energy from carbohydrates. Vitamin A and niacin plays a role in forming and maintaining healthy skin. Thiamin for nerve cells, niacin maintain normal nerve function.

Minerals are also very commonly found in dates. Magnesium and potassium at least be in sufficient quantities can be counted on to help the body get better performance. "Many also contained fibers like any other fruit," said Prof Ali. According to him, these fibers can be made into good digestion. Date palms, making bowel content software and activate it, so naturally one could easily defecate.
Dates for Your Health

Natural ingredients that have been provided in nature does have benefits for the body. Similarly, with dates. This one fruit also has a property that is felt powerful enough to create a body to be healthy and also to overcome problems that often arise in health.

High potassium content of dates, according to Prof. Ali's highly profitable heart and blood vessels. The pulse became more regular and a contraction of the muscles that help stabilize blood pressure. It's just a high potassium content is not balanced with high levels of salt (sodium). "So for those who have high blood pressure (hypertension), I think it is not suitable for palm-consuming, especially if consumed in excess," he said. He also added that Kalim was also able to make us avoid a stiff muscle.

High potassium also in the dates. Just a reminder only if potassium has benefits for controlling blood pressure, therapy for those high blood pressure, cleanse the blood and carbon dioxide triggered the recent work of muscles and nerves knot.

High tannin substances on the palm can be used as an anti-diarrhea. Dates can also be used as cold medicine, sore throat, overcoming drunkenness and increased thrombocyte in the blood for those affected by dengue fever. The trick is to blend 500 grams of dates that have been discarded skin, then mixed with five cups of water until smooth. Results from these drink as much as one glass every hour during the day.

Those affected can also be treated headaches with eating a date. After doing further research, it turns out there is substance in the palm-salicylate (a compound commonly used as a raw material for headache, pain skit until the fever). But the dates should not be eaten by those who have diabetes. Instead of improving, the palm will make the sugar levels of diabetes patients are already high enough to be higher. "I also do not recommend it," said Prof. Ali.


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