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Eating relationship with sleep soundly

Eating relationship with sleep soundly

Suggestions doctor to not eat two hours before bed, is the suggestion that not only intended for someone who was troubled with a diet or weight loss (obesity), but for all people.

Because, by consuming food, you will actively work to make the digestive system, when the organ was ready for a rest. Stress and anxiety caused by the excess of extra calories at night, could be exacerbating your nervous system.

So do not be surprised if you get nightmares because of eating too late. Good because your stomach is stuffed beef steak or just a small cake. In fact, the only food that will not disturb your sleep, are fruits and vegetables.

Dinner galore, plus more servings of alcohol, often makes us drowsy and fell asleep early. The bad effects, you can wake up in the middle of the night and hard to close my eyes again.

Honey is usually a party would hold a food-good food in the middle of the night. As a result, the body will not digest these foods without ruining your sleep.

On the other hand, there are also foods that can cause pengunyahnya more peacefully in her sleep. And this is very suitable for those suffering from insomnia. One is honey. Two tablespoons liquid honey before bed, can take you fall asleep with sweet dreams.

With honey, an elderly usually suffer from insomnia for years, can find solutions that are powerful. Besides honey, cheese can also be a choice.

In a study involving 200 volunteers, they were asked to eat 20 grams of cheese and a half to an hour before they sleep, during seven consecutive nights. The result, 72 percent of participants felt sleep better, and about 66 percent could tell wonderful dreams.

Almost none of them are having nightmares during the experiment. Some experts say, that caused by tryptophan content contained in the cheese, the amino acids that are able to release stress and help you to sleep.

If both this option does not suit your tastes, perhaps you could also try other alternatives, such as sipping herbal tea, such as Linden tea.

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