Kamis, 13 Mei 2010

Overcome sleep easily

Overcome sleep EASILY

Drowsiness is a natural thing
often experienced by everyone. You might even own sometimes beset
sleepiness while busy working in the office, especially when this fasting month. Stomach
An empty in adding a sense of saturation, not rarely cause sleepiness in the office.
Yawn and want to sleep is a reflection of your sleepiness. If only
evaporated perhaps natural. But if you want to sleep may be difficult in
office, while you also have to complete the tasks that are still
completed. So what if you experience severe drowsiness? Are you
overcome them by sleeping while letting your tasks
Abandoned? Of course not. Your
need your own way to sleep soon disappear. Consider tipsnya

- A simple way to overcome
sleepiness is go to toilet and wash your face with water. Wash face
You a few times until you feel more refreshed. Then belalakkan eye
You are wide open. Realize that you are still in office, not in the room
sleeping in your home.

- Go somewhere more
shiny, bright example to the window. Then throw away your view to
outside the window. This can be a little help reduce your sleepiness.

- Turn on the music. Music
you like to believe can improve alertness and sharpness of your brain.
So you avoid the drowsiness. But do not turn on the music lilting,
rather quickly with the rhythmic music can make you forget to sleep. But of course
Just turn on the volume that does not disturb others.

- Do a little exercise,
such as mild exercise or a walk. If you have a garden office
beautiful, come out for a while from your work space for a moment. Then look
green trees in the park. Undoubtedly your eyes become fresh again.

Now you are often beset
sleepiness at work, just try it 'recipe' earlier. Rather than say lazy because
sleepiness are frequently attacked, you better cope with sleepiness. Your Productivity
was no longer inhibited. Good work ..!


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