Jumat, 14 Mei 2010

Balancing the right brain and left brain

Balancing the right brain and left brain

As we all know our brain - the human brain - most people are divided into two parts ie left brain and right brain, scientifically said, and I fall into most people's. It was said that is why our brain is our gift from God Almighty for the two parts is because the two parts of the brain have different functions.

Usually identified on the right brain creativity, and indeed of the right brain function is to manage the process of human creative thinking, for example, is the ability of communication (lingusitik). How the right brain is usually not structured, and tend not to think about things that are too detailed. Examples of people who rely on his right brain than left brain is an artist.

While the left brain usually associated with analytic intelligence. That is our right brain is associated with mathematical ability and ability to think systematically someone. For example math problem solving skills. How the brain works is very neat, structured and systematic. Usually the left brain is very useful when used to understand things that are complex and need detailed thoughts. People who usually rely more on the left brain is a researcher or scientist.

But be careful not to work too memporsir just one part of the brain. Because it may cause other brain batian work is not optimal. I like to call artropi artropi right brain or left brain. Well, at least that I've ever felt. FYI artropi term usually used for the downsizing of the seldom-used muscles.

Want artropi artropi right brain and left brain had me go through. Two events that I had to go through during my life. I try to artropi ceritain right brain first, because it was the longest. Since my elementary school I think I've suffered from this disease. People who artropi right brain left brain usually caused by a too dominant. Characteristics he is the first really clever lessons math or systematic nature. Both men usually do not rada-rada emang slang and usually a little afraid to mingle. All three are more likely to like things that smell of technical and creative thinking rather than exact. If you happen to have these characteristics carefully, loe already infected artropi right brain. I myself experienced this since elementary school until I graduated high school and college in fasilkom UI-third semester.

Since half of the 4th I've started to become frustrated with people who do not slang. Little by little I began to increase the strength of my right brain. But again I do not care because I'm too cool to enhance the ability of my right brain, I forget the right brain, this is shown by the decrease in IP I campus that was 3:46, almost cum laude, now live 3:25 remaining, not very severe. Other features of the affected person is usually left-brain artropi lazy people think things tend to prefer a detailed and broad outlines only. One more other features of the affected person is usually left-brain artropi more likely to prefer to sleep (a lot of sleep).

I'm now in the final six semesters, and I realized that to succeed I had to balance the right brain and left brain in order not to cripple one.

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