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Can not Brain Gymnastics Intelligent Child

Can not Brain Gymnastics Intelligent Child

There are many ways you can do to improve the intelligence of the brain, one of them through the gymnastics of the brain (Brain Gym). Gymnastics brain can help increase children's intelligence can be done for schools, including infants.

The brain is part of the body as a central controller befungsi organs and the brain is always associated with intelligence or intelligence.

At first brain exercise has been known since the 80s but it was still limited to adults only. But since the 2000s has developed brain exercises to help improve the intelligence of school children or also for babies.

Light gymnastics movements performed by hands and feet, though, can provide the stimulus or stimuli to the brain. Stimulus that can improve cognitive abilities such as alertness, concentration, speed, in the process of learning, memory, problem solving and creativity.

"Intelligence of a child is influenced by genetic factors or their derivatives and factor stimulation. Now these brain exercises to help improve the intelligence of children through a variety of stimulating the movement," said Tri Gunadi, S. Psi in talk show Various Brain Gym Movement For Educating Children in STIKOM LSPR Jakarta , Saturday (10/03/2009).

Tri Gunadi added that brain exercises can actually be used for all age groups, from infants to seniors. However, different functions. For brain gymnastics seniors can help delay premature aging in the sense of delaying senility or feelings of loneliness that usually haunt the elderly.

As for the children of this brain exercise can help improve your child's intelligence, improve confidence, deal with children who have problems in teaching and learning. Besides the brain gymnastics are often used for therapy several disorders in children such as hyperactivity, attention concentration disorders, emotional disorders, syndromes and disorders in infants learning ability.

Consultant who is familiarly called Mr. Gun was doing gymnastics, adding that before the child's brain must do several things known as PACE (Positive, Active, Clear and Energetic), namely:

Energetic, needed to be an energetic supporter of the white water of at least 125 cc. Useful to deliver oxygen to the brain and dissolve the salt thus optimizing the function of electrical energy in the body.
Clear, to clear the necessary massage at the switch regions of the brain (brain button). Areas that massage is a point two finger widths below the collarbone (clavikula) with one hand and other hand rub the navel area.
Active, done by way of cross movements (cross crawl). You do this by moving the right hand with left foot and vice versa.
Positive, by hook movement relaxes (hook ups), the hands are crossed with the thumb at the bottom, then played her legs crossed.

"Movement PACE helps reduce anxiety and make the child the child is in a relaxed," says professor of medical rehab this FK-UI.

Subsequently conducted pre-activity and learning is customized menu with any problems or things to be optimized from the child. After that were post-activity to see how much improvement can be done after doing gymnastics brain child and ended with a goal such as Celebrate children say 'Hooray I can solve a problem tribonometri'

"In children who have disorders such as autism, one important thing to remember before doing gymnastics brain child is the child is able to replicate what has been done by someone else," said Tri Gunadi who is also Director of the Center for Growth Therapy YAMET.

Gymnastics brain as well as assisting all matters relating to intelligence can also be petrified baby overcome delays in walking or running, or helping children who can not escape from her parents and to increase self-motivation and enthusiasm of children.


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