Minggu, 30 Mei 2010

How to Deal with Stress

First, you must learn to recognize stress:

Stress symptoms include mental, social and physical. These matters include fatigue, loss of or increased appetite, headaches, frequent crying, insomnia and excessive sleep. Breaking away from alcohol, drugs, or other compulsive behavior are often indications of gelaja stress. Feelings of anxiety, frustration, or apathy can occur together with the stress.

If you feel that stress affects your lesson,
The first step is to seek assistance through koseling center at your school.

Stress management is the ability to control themselves when situations, people and events that have memeberi excessive demands. What can you do to manage your stress? What strategies are there? Look around your lingkunga
Look there may be something that you really can change or control in such situations. Learn the best ways to relax yourself
Meditation and breathing exercises have been proven effective in controlling stress. Practise to clear your mind of thoughts that are disturbing.
Keep yourself from stressful situations
Give yourself a chance to rest even if only for a few moments every day. Set realistic goals for yourself
By reducing the number of incidents that happen in your life, you will be able to reduce the excessive burden.
Do not disputed trivial things
Try to prioritize beberpa things that really matter and let the others follow. Do not burden yourself excessively
with complaining about your entire workload. Handle each task as it should, or selectively deal with the attention to several priorities.
Selectively change the way you react
But do not be too much at once. Focus on one issue and control your reaction to this. Change your perspective
Learn to recognize stress. Increase your body's reaction and make the arrangements themselves against stress.
Avoid excessive reaction;
Why you should hate if some do not like is enough? Why should you get confused if it enough to just feel nervous? Why should a tantrum if angry enough? Why be depressed when enough with feeling sad? Do something for someone else
To release your mind from your own problems.
Sleep less
Lack of rest just aggravates stress. Avoid stress
With physical activities such as jogging, tennis or gardening.
Avoid self-medication or escape
Alcohol and drugs can conceal stress. But it can not help solve the problem. Boost your self defense
Which should be underlined from the management of stress is? I make myself miserable?.

Try to? Exploit? stress
If you can not fight what's bothering you, and you can not escape from it, walk over to him and try to use it productively.
Try to be a positive person

Embed this on yourself that you can handle things well rather than just thinking about how bad things are happening. ? Stress can actually help memory, especially on short-term memory and not too complex. Stress can cause an increase in glucose to the brain, which gives more energy to the neurons. This, in turn, enhances the formation and return of memory. On the other hand, if the stress is continuous, can inhibit glucose delivery and disrupt memory.?


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