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Causes of stress Untold

Causes of stress Untold

It is not mentioned in the contract of employment, but stress is a part of all jobs. A survey conducted by www.careerbuilder.com states, as many as 78 percent of workers experience stress and fatigue in the workplace. Lho kok?

Indeed there are obvious factors that can add a level of stress, such as job demands, deadlines are squeezing every time, and bosses who kept asking for more. However, there are also things that are not too visible and can be stressful. And these things that create negative feelings and experiences in the workplace that causes excessive fatigue in the workplace.

Measure your stress level
In his latest book entitled overworked, Overwhelmed, and underpaid, Louis Barajas showed some signs if you are experiencing fatigue and stress, namely;
* You work more than 40 hours per week.
* You are serious-minded to stop working or trying to find a new job at least once in the last month.
* You never neglects an important deadline at least once in the last six months.
* You are delaying routine checks to the doctor because you never have any free time or money to go.
* You feel stressed and insecure with your finances than five years ago.

Hidden Causes of stress
Several factors contribute to the stress level is not always tangible form, such as colleagues or managers, or a pile of unfinished work at the desk. However, these elements also increase your stress levels, among other things;

1. Thinking about work problems home and let it interfere with your personal life. You might be difficult to restrict the work and things at home. When work began a busy, professional life can be gotten into your personal life. If this imbalance reaches back into your working life, there would be a vicious circle.

2. Did not have time for a vacation or working while on vacation. If you can not really get away from work, you can not really feel the benefits of rest and relaxation. If your company is experiencing difficulties and a reduction in employees, then you have to work extra hard, and the company will not allow you to take a vacation.

3. Competition antarpekerja and gossip. This could be a challenge to be able to reach the goals and deadlines of work you are doing. However, if you are in a working environment that is full of competition, you also should be aware of your coworkers. If you are the target of the gossip in the office, or are in a power struggle, your stress level may exceed the roof of the office.

4. Feeling not considered. Most workers do not feel are important by their workplace. Of course, compensation and facilities is a recognition and appreciation for your work. However, only a few words "thank you" or pictures that you are the best people forget on display this month, making the workers feel their work is just futile.


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