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Tea Benefits for Our Health

Tea Benefits for Our Health

Buff tea you drink? Did you know the benefits therein?

Apparently a lot of benefit from the tea, of which contain phenolic and non phenolic substances (carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins, flour, and calcium). Also, it can help protect the body from free radicals.

Tea drinking habits, not only in Indonesia alone, in other countries too have become cultural or even make it a ritual, for example in China and Japan. In fact, in Japan, tea ceremony and is considered to be something sacred.

Other benefits:

Strengthen Teeth & Preventing Dental Caries in
Elements fluoride (F) is quite high in tea, can help
in preventing the growth of dental caries and can
strengthen teeth.

Reduce Risk of Food Poisoning
Catechin elements (one element in polyphenols), have been
proved that these elements have the ability to
stop the growth of some bacteria that cause
food poisoning (according to research from Taiwan and Japan).

Strengthen the Body Resistance
With the presence of vitamin C and vitamin E, the tea can also
helps strengthen the immune system.

Refreshing Body
Tea contains caffeine which is different from a type of coffee, then tea
also can stimulate the nervous system of our body so that the retrieval
oxygen into the body more smoothly.

Preventing High Blood Pressure
Epigallocatechin and epicatechin which is a variant gallat
of catechin, poorer able to act as an inhibitor of the
trasferase angiotensin, which causes high blood pressure enzyme.
More information can be also concluded that the ability
catechins to prevent high blood pressure, reduce levels
cholesterol in the blood and ward off free radicals, the catechin
could also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Cholesterol counter
Catechin, it also has proven that it can reduce
accumulation of cholesterol in the blood and accelerate the disposal of
cholesterol through the feces.

Optimizing Sugar Metabolism
Manganese (Mn), which is contained in tea can help to decompose
sugar into energy. Thus, tea may help keep
blood sugar levels.

Preventing Cancer Growth
Catechin capability (one element in polyphenols) can
inhibit the occurrence of mutations in body cells and neutralizing
free radicals.
So, have your tea today?



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