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Why not Successful Diet?

Why not Successful Diet?
Lifestyle - As long as you carry this weight loss diet but did not move down? Try to check how much you move.

A study from Oregon Health and Science University found that any diet (dietary protein, carbohydrate diets, reducing the portion of food) is not sufficient to reduce body weight. New Diet effective if coupled with exercise.

This research studied 18 female monkeys were divided into groups with high-fat diet and normal diet for several years.

Then a high-fat diet group was changed to low-fat diet with calorie reduction for a month. Weight and activity levels are monitored closely.

The result is no significant weight loss at the end of the month. Which increases the activity level changes. Monkeys were rapidly reduced its activity since the low-fat diet began.

The conclusion was that the mechanism of the body naturally responsive to changes in intake. If someone is accustomed to taking a number of calories, activities will run normally. But if calories decreases, the body will reduce the activity, so that efficient use of calories.

Therefore, diet should be combined with regular exercise. The body is accustomed to receiving some calories so you should move to shed the calories accumulate.

The research is published in the American Journal of Physiology, Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology, April 2010 edition.
Why not Successful Diet?
If you intend to lose weight, there is no other way except diet and exercise regularly.



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