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Soy Milk

Benefits of Soy Milk

* Soybean As Anti-Oxidant
Soy contains compounds that protect cells from free oxygen molecules (free radicals) causes the formation of cancer and premature aging. Free radicals that oxidize the bad cholesterol will lead to the growth of plaque (fat) in the blood.

* Soybeans Increase Endurance Body
Peptide (amino acid sequence) contained in soy may boost the immune system to fight various diseases such as allergy attacks etc..

* Soy Cholesterol Reduction
The figures in research worldwide, proving that the content of isoflavones in soy may improve lipid profile, which lowers cholesterol and triglycerides.

* Soy and Prostate Cancer
Role of genistin in the soybeans could help control the hormonal balance. Experts say the mechanism of reduced risk of prostate cancer by soy components, through the inhibition of cell proliferation and delay or even stop the growth of cancer cells.

* Soybeans for Diabetes
Effect of soy consumption is either for people with diabetes. Isoflavones in soy effect on glucose homeostasis, insulin secretion and lipid metabolism. Thus, isoflavones could control blood glucose in diabetics.

* Soybean and Issues Weight Loss (Obesity)
Soy is a source of protein right diet, because soy is rich in content of phytoestrogens such as isoflavones and lignans that affect energy metabolism.

* Soybean and Kidney Problems
Soy protein is more readily accepted the kidney, so can lighten the work of the kidneys. This will help reduce kidney damage.

* Soybean Powerful Digestive Problems solved
Soybean fiber on digestive shown to help overcome problems such as ulcer, colon cancer and difficult bowel movements.

* Soybean strong bones and Overcome Osteoporosis
lsoflavon soy may help increase bone density, and the consumption of soy protein reduces the expenditure of calcium through urination.

* Soy Menopause Reduces Complaints moment
Dr. Herman Adlercreutz field investigators to prove the content of isoflavone phytoestrogen in soy can reduce the complaints women during menopause.

* Soy reduces breast cancer risk
Research on blood vessels showed the compounds in soy can inhibit the growth of breast cancer.



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