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Benefit of Ginger

Ginger is a medicinal plant in the form of quasi-trunked clump of plants. Ginger (Zingiber officinale) comes from Asia, which spread from India to China. Therefore, these two nations has been hailed as the first use of ginger, mainly as a beverage ingredients, spices and medicines.

Ginger has been cultivated in the countries of Australia, Sri Lanka, China, Egypt, Greece, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, and Pakistan. Ginger from Jamaica has the highest quality. India is the country's largest producer, with more than 50 percent of total world production of ginger.

Definition of stem ginger in Indonesia is growing in the soil called rhizomes. Based on the size, shape and color of the root, ginger can be divided into three groups: large white ginger ginger also called Rhino, a small white ginger, and red ginger (ginger sunti). Body warmers
Ginger rhizome can be used as cooking spices, aroma and taste of the giver of food such as breads, cakes, biscuits, confectionery, and various beverages. Ginger is also used in industrial medicine, perfume, and traditional herbal medicine. Can also be processed into pickled ginger, made pickles, fresh vegetable, bandrek, sekoteng, and syrup. Today farmers use chilli ginger as a natural pesticide.

In trade, ginger is sold in the form of fresh, dried, powder, and mounted. There are also processed like petroleum oils and koresin, obtained by distillation, which are useful as ingredients in mixing alcoholic beverages, ice cream, sausages, and others.

When we drink a glass of ginger wedang, round, bandrek, or esteemje aka egg-milk-honey-ginger, to be sure the body will feel warm. This is indeed the most popular properties owned by the ginger. In fact, there are many other properties such as ginger to cure dry cough and sore throat as well as a tonic.

Also, ginger can also increases the appetite for stimulating the mucous membrane of the stomach and intestines. For those who often suffer from land or sea drunken, ginger is useful to prevent drunk. There are even experts who said the plant is useful in cases of renal irritation. As an external medicine, grated ginger can also be used as a compress to treat rheumatism and headaches.

Pickles and pickled
Rhizome of this plant is generally cultivated in tropical and subtropical regions, including Indonesia. Its use in the medical world had been done long ago. Today, Western countries also do research on these crops for use as drugs. In Danish, this plant is examined in order to obtain active compounds that can be used to treat rheumatism, and succeeded.

However, ginger is actually more popular as food and beverages. In Japan, bamboo shoots or tunasnya be used as vegetables, pickles, or pickled. Processed results were very popular because of the smell and taste. Against the body, food from shoots of ginger help heal the body, expedite the urine, and improve the digestive system.

In Indonesia, Manado may be new people who use ginger as one of the bamboo shoot rice companion for spicy sauce accompanied by fresh vegetables. How to eat it is always followed by drinking saguer (a kind of wine). Sometimes ginger shoots first inserted into saguer, and durable so into it given a little salt. This fresh vegetables, it is said, will make our energy more than doubled.

Ginger rhizome can also be processed to be candied. The trick, which was cleaned ginger cooked in sugar water for 2-3 hours. After it was moved to a place and left for several days. Ginger cooked for the second time in a sugar solution such as when the first cooking. Once drained and cooled, candy is ready to be enjoyed.

In the past, this method is used in Canton, China, for export purposes. In other places would do differently, even more complicated.

Only in this way candied ginger is still deemed too spicy. There are ways to reduce its spicy as is done in Jamaica, which is soaked in water for 12 hours.

Alternatively, ginger has been cleaned, then direngatkan (dikeprak), then soaked in salted water for 24-48 hours. After that, again soaked rice in water for one night. Next soaked again in water for 5-10 days and the water was replaced every 12 hours. The result, ready to be used as candied.

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