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Mung Bean Cure Various Diseases

Mung Bean Cure Various Diseases

DO, a simple green beans. Yes, nuts are small between the types of nuts was found to have properties to cure many diseases. So far as we know, the green beans are a tasty nutritious food eaten or used as green bean cakes.

Nutrient found in green beans, among others; in 110 grams of green beans contains 345 calories, 22.2 grams protein, 1.2 grams of fat, vitamins A, B1, 1.157 IU, minerals such as phosphorus, iron, and mg. Well, besides the nutrient content / vitamins, green beans can apparently cure the disease beri-beri, kidney inflammation, digestion, high blood pressure, overcome alcohol poisoning, pesticides, lead, overcome because of prickly heat rash, diarrhea and vomiting, strengthens spleen and stomach function , impotence, pulmonary tuberculosis, acne, tackling the black spots on the face, etc..

Mung beans can also reduce fever, even according to the research, green beans are the best lowering fever when compared with the lowering of fever from other traditional ingredients. Remarkably again, let boil a long time, until destroyed, green beans remain efficacious, is not affected by heat. Unlike beans, vegetables, fruits, and other traditional ingredients which, when boiled too long, will reduce the efficacy of treatment. At a time when drugs are expensive, what's wrong with trying to traditional recipes from these green beans. Here are some recipes in between.

lancarkan pee

Boil 30 grams to 30 grams of green bean leaves, spoon in the water 400 cc. Concoction is cooked in a pot until cooked ground. After cool, add honey to taste. Drink this concoction on a regular basis until the urine is not faltering again.

Stomach ache

Many traditional recipes to deal with abdominal pain, ranging from guava leaves which have proved successful and the other ingredients. This once tried a recipe from mung bean. Boil 60 grams of green beans add 15 grains of pepper, 3 grams of cinnamon, 3 grams of nutmeg, cardamom 3 grams, 3 grams of cloves, ginger and 2 sections. All the materials are boiled with 1 liter of water. Heat continues to be a solution of 1 / 2 liters, then drink regularly.

Children prickly heat

Children affected by prickly heat often fussy, the fair because they felt itchy. Try this green bean recipe. Boil 60 grams of green beans that have been used as powder first, then add 50 grams of purslane plant, boiled with water to taste. Once cooked, strain, and Drinks 3 times daily.


Ouch, annoyed when the esophageal ulcers. Moreover, when the abscess was entrenched in the buttocks, the difficulty is not just going to sit down to play. Many drugs for the treatment of ulcers that are generally outside alias is applied to the body is overgrown with ulcers. Well, this recipe for the treatment of ulcers from the inside. Boil 50 grams of small red beans with green beans 50 grams, 50 grams of black bean and ginger 2 vertebra. All ingredients, except ginger, boiled. Ginger boiled separately and added to the stew stew ginger nuts earlier. Then drink regularly. However, this herb just for ulcers that have not matured. If the abscess is ripe, should add more honey.

Reinforce male sexuality

Lots of traditional recipes were written to address diseases that cause he is not strong, ranging from herbal to drugs that were imported at a price - of course - is expensive. How about trying this plus green bean recipes? Boil 30 grams of green beans 2 segments together ginger, 15 grams of pepper, anise 15 grams, 15 grams pulosari, Garlic chives seeds 15 grams, 15 grams of beans pariah, and 15 grams of coriander seeds. All materials water boiled with 600 cc and 300 cc made, drinking regularly until proven usefulness.

Hair loss

Sedkit your hair gradually fell out? Try this recipe. Mung beans boiled with 1 cup water. Notice when boiled peanuts not to rupture. So after looking a little ripe, but not break, immediately remove from heat. Once cool, green bean cooking water is used to moisten as he massaged the scalp-massage for some time. Let dry, then shampoo.


Ulcer disease potion to overcome quite a lot. Each patient was matched one of the recipes. This recipe overcome ulcer disease with green beans. Approximately 1 / 4 kg of dried green beans until dry and then mashed until smooth. After that, take 1 tablespoon powdered green beans, and brewed with warm water to taste, drink regularly.

Varicose veins

Varicose veins are bumps on the legs. The appearance of varicose veins was disturbing the beauty of the foot. Try this recipe, 1 handful of green beans with 2 cups boiling water. Leave until the water shrinkage as much as 1 cup. Drinking this decoction 2 times a day, morning and before bed. Also, when going to sleep, lift foot and place it in a place higher than his head, let stand for 10 minutes, do it diligently while drinking green bean stew.

Baby fever

Give 1 cup green bean cooking water plus 1 tablespoon honey to infants with fever. Give it a dollop stew for a spoonful.

For those of you who just want to eat green beans in a way made porridge, try these simple tips. All housewives are well aware that cooking the green beans are not for a moment, please take time to correct soft peanut. How can so quickly soft bean? Boil beans until boiling, then remove from heat. Let stand until slightly cool for some time. After it was boiled again for the second time. Well, the results are fast soft green beans. So save time and fuel. (/ Multiple sources ).

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