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High Blood Pressure Not Disease

High Blood Pressure Not Disease

- During this high blood pressure disease often treated by drinking the blood-lowering drugs, the opposite result could even stroke. Instead of traditional medicine with the way China mengobatnya facilitate blood vessel, so the results are more baik.Tingkat age as the limit of high blood pressure becoming less and less influential today. Western medical science now says there are two categories of high blood pressure that is a result of direct cause and that occurs as a side effect. Indeed in traditional medicine Tionghoa, in ancient days not disingung high blood pressure. Not consider high blood pressure as an illness. However, medical science is now considered high blood pressure as a disease, but should be is just a symptom of disease, a symptom of multipenyakit.

Basically a number of specific diseases, such as kidney disease, hipertiroidis (disease thyroid function increases) and so forth can cause high blood pressure. Mostly, due to illness resulting rise in blood pressure, so this is a side effect. As long as they healed, the blood pressure will go down by itself. In addition, there was again called high blood pressure that occur from direct causes, ie not caused from a number of diseases, high blood pressure but that is only associated with blood vessels and heart alone.

Actually, cold weather may also cause high blood pressure, also drink alcohol or feeling tense, feeling worried and so forth. All this also may cause high blood pressure. Within the scope of traditional medicine of China, according to Doctor Hu Tong Naiwen from Deiang, Shanghai, China was not done because the distribution of high blood pressure like that.

Lack of Oxygen
When patients suffering from high blood pressure, dr. Hu Naiwen always ask, is there any other complications? If there are other symptoms as well as inform. No need special handling high blood pressure, the results are even better. For according to his observations, most people with high blood pressure have the condition, described symptoms of his illness, and you yourself can also analyze briefly what disease?

There was someone who set their faces were red, her throat tightened, quickened heartbeat, and drowsiness. If you see a patient like this, and your review of the disease, how can you analyze it? These are symptoms of lack of oxygen. But, you know, high blood pressure disease symptoms too. So, what to do? Surely one thing in common. Both of these, which is cause and which effect?

Because the brain deprived of oxygen, it causes symptoms of high blood pressure. When kekuranga oxygen, necessary for sufficient oxygen is supplied to the brain, and when so, to achieve that balance, the heart will beat with greater force to pump blood to the brain. Before entering the blood sufficiently, which measured blood pressure seems a little ride. A moment later the blood can flow into the brain, and if the blood is supplied to the brain are met, oxygen and other substances are met, by itself would decrease blood pressure. This is the concept of balance.

If the brain or other organs of oxygen deficiency, the heart with greater force, will pump blood into the brain or pumping it into the liver or to other parts of the organ. When blood can not be channeled into the organs, judging from the traditional medicine of China is due to the frozen blood, obstructed the flow.

For example, the neck is a channel, the neck has an artery, and blood is channeled to the brain through the arteries of the neck. However, the channels that go up to the neck arteries, if any part of a clogged that blood is frozen and can not flow, the incoming blood are blocked, so the brain can be starved of oxygen. Thus, required greater force to pump it, so look high blood pressure.

How to Handle False
Generally people who have high blood pressure by eating the blood pressure-lowering drugs. However, when your blood is blocked, then you're taking blood pressure-lowering drugs, then what is certain that blood could pass it? Of course not! That also is the reason, why consume the blood pressure-lowering drugs, the result is the opposite in fact create more high blood pressure. Because by lowering blood pressure, blood in the brain instead of diminishing returns. As such, the brain still did not have enough oxygen and, therefore, the heart was forced to use greater force to suppress it. Although your heart has sought as much as possible, but it still not support the blood into the brain to strengthen the heart muscle blood to its target organ. As a result, the heart muscle will become even greater, so that what is called the enlargement of the heart muscle.

If the heart muscle becomes larger, more easily lead to high blood pressure is a permanent advanced. If there is little vulnerability in brain blood vessels (the inside walls of blood vessels to collect large amounts of cholesterol in the wall become more fragile), it is easier to rupture and cause a brain hemorrhage. Relation of high blood pressure stroke is located here. That understanding of their blood pressure.

The doctor thinks, if the blood pressure goes up must come down. Similarly, patients are now always considered, when blood pressure rises, should be reduced. When you went to the doctor, and not given a prescription blood pressure-lowering drugs, definitely not satisfied. Generally, people will feel, if blood pressure does not go down, might cause a stroke. Consequently, for the sake of lowering the blood pressure actually caused a lack of oxygen to the brain, so that eventually the body balance system makes blood pressure higher and more easily make the patient suffered a stroke.

How to Traditional Medicine
China's traditional medicine against high blood pressure is different from modern medicine. Is using drugs to improve blood circulation in the organs or the brain, blood vessels in the cavity so there a little bigger, and remove the frozen blood does not flow the way of blood flow and therefore the blood will be more easily passed when the blood is flowing, then automatically the blood pressure normal will be permanently, instead of lowering blood pressure.

Actually very appropriate when viewed from the point of traditional medicine of China, today we should consider for a moment, sinshes now often based on the view of Western medicine, using drugs to lower blood pressure. If so, would not that mean that the benefits from traditional medicine of China did not even useful?


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