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Gymnastics Brain, Mind freshener

Gymnastics Brain, Mind freshener

Our brain consists of two hemispheres, left and right. Surprisingly, 85 percent of people in this world was alive with just the left brain relies. Most of the rest use a combination of both, and partly to use the right brain. That's the conclusion some research about the brain.

In terms of function, the brain is composed of two parts of the left and right it seems to have three interrelated dimensions. By optimizing the use of all of this section, brain function can be optimized. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to do so. One way to optimize the use of all dimensions of the brain is a brain gym.
No Need Special Time

Gymnastics brain or Brain Gym is a series of exercises based on simple body movements. The movement was created to stimulate the left and right brain (dimensions lateralitas); relieve or relax the back of the brain and the front of the brain (focusing dimension); stimulates the system associated with the feeling / emotional, namely the midbrain (limbis) and cerebrum (dimensional convergence) .

For starters, you can do so through a simple movement while performing activities of daily life. "Gymnastics can be performed without special time. While watching television could also, "said Dra. Hj. Kartika Sapardjiman, pempimpin Brain Gym Class Hospital Kartika, Pulo Mas, Jakarta Timur. But, he added that the current Kartika membimbin seven participants, including a pregnant woman, before his own practice you need a special instructor guidance.
Popular in America and Europe

According to Paul E. Denisson Ph.D., an expert from the institute brain gymnastics Educational Kinesiology, the United States, though simple, Brain Gym able to facilitate learning activities and make adjustments to the tensions, challenges and demands of everyday life. This brain research expert who first introduced this therapy method in the United States, 19 years ago.

Originally used brain gym for children who have hyperactivity disorder, brain damage, difficulty concentrating and depression. But in a development that everyone can use it for various uses.

Today, in America and Europe Brain Gym in vogue. Many people find it helpful to release stress, clear your mind, improve memory, etc.. Interested? Good luck! PG
Movement kinds Brain Games
The brain switches Movement:
Switches the brain (the soft tissue under the collarbone on the left and right of the sternum), massage for 20-30 seconds with one hand while other hand holding or massaging the right and left of the navel.
Optimizing the delivery of messages from the brain left to right or vice versa, increase the acceptance of oxygen, and stimulates the blood flow more smoothly in order to flow to the brain.
Guna: optimizing the fine motor skills, improve posture, increase energy, reduce visual stress and neck and shoulder relaxation.
Cross Movement
This movement enable the relations between the two sides of the brain and is a movement warm-up for all the skills needed for crossing the center line of the lateral part of the body.
* Activating the eye movement from left to right, increasing harmonization of vision (binocular)
* To: optimizing job writing, listening, reading and understanding, increase stamina, improve breathing, hearing and sight.
Earth button
Touching the tip of one hand under the lip, the other fingertips on the edge of the pubic bone (15 cm below the navel). On tap for 30 seconds or 4-6 times a full breath.
* Improve coordination and concentration (see the vertically and horizontally at the same time without a mistake, as when reading a column in the table).
* To: reducing mental fatigue (stress), optimizing the types of work such as organization, design arts, bookkeeping.
Imbang button
This movement will restore balance to your body three-dimensional (left-right, top-down, front-rear). Press 'draw button' - 4-5 cm to the left and right of the midline / indentation in the boundary between the skull and tengkung hair on top of the spine - while his other hand touched the navel, for 30 seconds.
* Improve concentration, decision making, associative thinking, sensory sensitivity to balance, clear your mind and keep the body continues to relax
* To: understand the concept of implied (while reading), critiquing, reducing travel sickness and the pressure in the ear because of the level changes, optimizing a job writing reports, using the phone or computer.
Kait Relax
Tumpangkan left foot over right foot, and left hand on the top right hand with thumb down position. Fingers of both hands clasped together, then pull the hand toward the navel and down to the front of the chest. Close your eyes and when the breath, the tongue stuck to the palate and release while exhaling. Next, open the crosses between the legs, and the tips of your fingers gently touch each other in the chest or in his lap, taking a breath in 1 minute
* Improving fine motor coordination and logical thinking, and emotional convergence.
* To: active listening, speaking bluntly, taking a test and work with the keyboard, self-control and balance.


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