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Brain Cancer

YOU frequent headaches, or even sometimes accompanied by vomiting. Beware of these symptoms, because it could be your brain tumor disease that can cause brain cancer?

On brain cancer, there are body cells that grow abnormally. These diseases do not happen to many people, but in its distribution, this cancer is very frightening.

Neurosurgical specialists from Omni International Hospital, Serpong, Tangerang, Dr Alfred Sutrisno, Sp BS, say, there is a difference between the tumors in the brain with a tumor elsewhere. In brain tumors confined to the bone head that there was a time will hit the brain tissue, whether it be blood or a tumor.

"Now the emphasis in the brain is what will cause the patient suffered from headaches at first, and also experienced projectile vomiting. It means the patient is vomiting not eating," said a doctor who also works as a consultant part of this nerve.

The doctor who took the title for a general practitioner at the University of Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta was explained, the cause of penyakitini, based on the theory, can occur due to genetic abnormalities, such as congenital craniopharyngioma and others, a virus or ethnic factors. These are still not certain. "Symptoms of this disease depends on the location of the tumor was located," he explained.

Common symptoms can be given in the form of headache and projectile vomiting. Then if there are symptoms related to motor areas limb weakness to paralysis, vision impairment to blindness, loss of balance, numbness, until no taste at all, disturbance of smell, speech disturbance when exposed in the central area or speak, until the decline of consciousness when exposed to brain stem .

Alfred said further, based on the type of disease of the brain tumor was divided into two, there are benign tumors: for example, meningioma, cavernous angioma, low grade astrocytoma (1.2), pituitary adenoma, acustic neurinoma, and malignant glioblastoma tumors. "The disease of brain cancer is very identical with malignant tumors. Actually tumors in the brain or anywhere else in the tumor, the tumor was divided into two parts, namely a malignant tumor or cancer and benign tumors," said the doctor born in Cirebon, February 6, 1958 this.

Meanwhile according to its location was divided into two, namely tumor supratentorial and infratentorial tumors. This means that the tumor in the tentorium or the big brain, and tumors which were under the tentorium, namely the cerebellum and brain stem.

Alfred said, the type of brain tumor the most severe of which is glioblatoma (astrocytoma grade 4), and neuroblastoma. But if the tumor is located in the cerebrum may slow the symptoms. Well, if the tumor is located in the cerebellum, the symptoms will be quickly visible.

"The type of glioblastoma tumors, brain tumors more often about big brains, while acustic neurinoma auditory nerve to attack the person, so it is located in a small brain," explained the doctor who is also the author of a book entitled Stroke? You Must Know Before You Get It! this.

Members of this worldwide surgeon added, in principle, a brain tumor disease can be cured. "With the record, can perform surgery to retrieve all tumor tissues, except the fierce because although we have taken the total, will grow again," he said.

A number of techniques can be performed surgery to cure the disease. Namely, the operation by microsurgery or endoscopic surgery surgery, Radiotherapy: X-rays or gamma rays, or gamma knife, chemotherapy, and imunotherapy.

"If you experience symptoms that have been mentioned earlier, be sure to do self-examination and by performing an MRI examination," Alfred message.

Meanwhile, mental health specialists from the Global Medika Tangerang Hospital Dr Andri, SpKJ opinion, patients suffering from brain cancer may experience a state of depression, delirium, dementia, or seizures. "Cancer of the brain is one of the most feared cancer. Cancer or brain tumors can be about all parts of the brain, of course," explained psychiatrist who also practiced at the Omni International Hospital, Serpong, Tangerang this.

The doctor graduated from University of Indonesia said, changes in intellectual capacity can also occur in patients with brain cancer. It's just that his intellectual power changes depending on the location of the tumor itself. If there is in the frontal area or the front of the brain, where there is a lot intellectual function and feeling, then it could experience an interruption in intellectual functions including memory.

However, there is also caused by depression or dementianya. Obviously the state of memory disrupted by the tumor, the first is the primary treatment efforts against these tumors. "Sometimes there are limitations in tumor therapy so that patients have to suffer long. This will significantly improve the patient's depression," said the doctor who graduated cum laude with it.

When patients experience depression in many people can lose memory function as well, by using drug treatment and psychotherapy should be conducted. Because, it is very important for the improvement of quality of life of patients themselves. "Remember that depression should not be viewed as a natural phenomena in patients with cancer of any kind and should be treated aggressively," Andri message.



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