Senin, 12 April 2010

Factor Brain Cancer

Brain cancer that causes a great deal. Anything that makes our brains get the exposure can be originators. Simply me to be two factors which are within the brain (intrinsic) and external factors, brain (extrinsic). These cancers do not stand alone, sometimes multifactorial, in which many causes. Here's the outline of the 2 brain cancer trigger factors:

Trigger factors in brain cancer from the following:

1. Genetic: hereditary. If there is a lineage who suffered a brain cancer so be careful to keep their health
2. History of trauma or conflict: conflict in the head even mild head injury remain vigilant, that network changes can also be a cause of bump growth of abnormal tissue in the brain

Trigger factors such as brain cancer from the outside:

1. Lifestyle (life style): Patterns of unhealthy living can also be a cause of cancer in general, such as smoking, lack of food fibers etc.
2. Carcinogenic: umu carcinogenic substances are also a cause of cancer, such as cooking oil over dipakia Master, chemicals are inhaled, or mixed in food.
3. Radiation: radiation materials - chemicals can also trigger cancer cell tumbunhnya.

The full discussion of brain cancer after a month of fasting, God willing. Another article about brain cancer as follows:

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