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The Benefits of Goat Milk

The benefits of goat milk

For Asthma Treatment

At first the Princess Amalia (4 years) did not show any symptoms of asthma. However, as soon as he was stepping on 2 years, had known the symptoms of asthma. He often coughs colds. This phenomenon does not heal.
Bunga Citra Lestari (34 years), her mother would consider it a normal cough.
"Once the medicine runs out, koq recurrence? Even cough is felt up to the chest, "he said.
If the cough is recurrent in the night, sleeping Princess was tortured. He could not sleep soundly, wake up intermittently. "I can not sleep, my nose is clogged, ma'am," said Basuki Budiman youngest (38 years) it. This is a sign that asthma relapse.

After review by a doctor, a child born March 18, 1999 was declared asthma. He was given the steam treatment, such as help to loosen respiratory breathing. After using the steam therapy and consume drugs pelonggar breathing, usually recover. But once completed, the disease relapses. At least Princess has 3 times the steam therapy.

Flowers are interested in goat milk to heal asthma article on one tabloid health. However, he did not know where the producers of goat milk. Bright spot was acquired when Budiman, who is based in Senayan area, browsing the internet and found a seller of dairy goats.

Flowers ordered 1 liter of milk goats consisting of 5 packets, each 200 ml. By sleeping, the Princess was given 1 packet of goat's milk 2 tablespoons Milo diampur. Apparently this drink digemarinya.

After consuming the goat milk for 3 - 4 months, suffering from shortness of breath decrease. Since 2004, once the new Princess of steam therapy. Until now (September 2005), goat's milk is still regularly consumed. Food taboos, such as chocolate and ice are now able dikonsuminya. "Goat's milk real usefulness. His brother, Shasya (7 years), also chimed in drinking. Her endurance increased, badanya contains, and is rarely sick, "said Budiman.

For plaques Treatment Lung

Dedi Zainudin (51 years), the villagers Cibuntu Borders, Ciampea, Bogor suffering from lung spots since 1997. When breathing, the body feels hot, as well as chest pain, difficulty, and tenderness. Back and stomach felt hot, too. It was 5 years old went to the doctor, but still there was no cure. Once upon a time, he coughed out blood. This is caused by Dedi a heavy smoker. Within a day, 2 pack of cigarettes can be spent.
The peak occurs when Dedi misery after falling from the bathroom, 2 years ago. "I was unconscious, had even read letters Yassin," said the father of 7 children. Toward evening, he had regained consciousness. In the morning, one of her relatives brought a glass of goat's milk. That said, nutritious goat's milk as a medicine.
Dedi was drinking 2 times a day, morning and afternoon. Two weeks later, her condition began to feel more comfortable and healthy. When, in roentgens, it is no longer found spots in his lungs. Until now (September 2004) Ujang can live their lives back to normal.

For Thalassemia

Farrah Atikah originally only feel pain on the soles of the feet, such as sprains. When you have a massage, the daughter of Hj. Wahyuni Rohmi recovered. However, it is not long. Two weeks later, the pain felt longer. In fact, lately, aching legs when he was roads.
Farrah suffered pain in March 2001. Body temperature rises, reaching 39 degrees Celsius. He should be hospitalized for a week at the Islamic Hospital Coffee Cottage, Jakarta. Initial allegations, he was attacked by typhoid. After her condition improved, he was allowed to go home. However, only a few days her temperature rose again. Soles of feet pale. The doctor who examined menyarakankan to perform blood tests. Suspected of hemoglobin (Hb), low blood.
After the lab test, blood Hb is only 5, even down to up to 4. That means he must undergo blood transfusions. Hospitalized for a week, 800 ml of blood added to the body. New 4 to 5 days at home, blood hemoglobin fell again. Badanya temperature rises, and even began to feel pain in the joints. He should be back and forth to the hospital to undergo blood transfusions.
Laboratory examination showed that his platelet count is only 14, normally 300. It signifies, endurance Farrah weak. The doctor also advised to check the spinal cord tissue, sweet black girl was sentenced to leukemia and thalassemia. To inhibit the growth of cancer cells, he underwent kemotherapi. Blood transfusion had to be done for the number of blood hemoglobin is not normal.
Treatment with goat's milk began to do after reading one of the renowned agricultural magazine. Every day, Farrah routinely consume 200 ml of milk goats. In addition to goat's milk, mothers are also made of spinach and avocado stew, boiled cassava leaves, and beet juice (a type of radish). The result was encouraging. His condition slowly improved. Chemotherapy is carried out 2 months, whereas blood transfusions every 6 months. Last inspection was conducted in June 2003 and showed that Hb, platelets, and normal leukositnya.

For TB Drug / Tuberculosis

Originally Nikita (19 years) upset because he had suffered a cough does not go away. Body weight had dropped dramatically. Niki, Nikita used to be addressed, to become thin, lethargic, and weak.
Fearing the disease, Niki went to one of the polyclinic in Bandung. Doctors advised to conduct radiological testing x-ray results showed that Niki diagnosed tuberculosis (TB). In a cover letter written, his lungs were attacked by chronic tuberculosis. Doctors prescribe a medicine that should be taken daily.
In addition, doctors also recommend drinking goat's milk to memperepat healing.
Physician advice was followed. Niki consume a glass of goat's milk a day. A month later, he controls to the doctor. The second x-ray results showed that his lungs are clean and defecation (plaques lung) is reduced. However, this sweet girl still undergoing therapinya with goat milk.
His body was gradually revived. Badanya weight was slowly rising.

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