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Three Apples A day with a slender

Three Apples A day with a slender

Many foods and beverages consumed daily actually contains a variety of nutritional value. Tropical fruits will be consumed by healthy diligent.

According to Susan Clarks in his book What Really Works for Kids - The Insiders Guide for Mums and Dads, papain from papaya fruit rich in substance, as a digestive enzyme that helps break down proteins that can not be digested. Enzyme content, which also helps break down plaque on your teeth buried so as to prevent cavities.

In addition it also helps remove excess mucous that helps solve a runny nose. Efficacious as vermicidal, strong lethal intestinal parasites, so efficacious to prevent intestinal worms.
Other content carpaine containing compounds, one phythochemical, which according to experts in order to prevent cancer.

Bananas can also strengthen the stomach lining helps reduce natural antibiotik colesterol and helps protect from infection. Medium-sized banana provides half the RDA for potassium which is very important for blood pressure and heart healthy.
Also containing Vitamin B6 helps to regulate hormones and relieve stomach pain before menstruation; as probiotics in the body that establishes and support content to keep the digestive bacteria and reduce bacterial pathogens that interfere with digestion.

Apple contains bioflavonoid called quercetin can protect the lungs from cigarette smoke. Research in Beijing proved a regular family to get a number of quercetin in their food 20% less cancer.
Based on the book other medications containing apple pectin naturally reduces fat absorption inhibiting the desire to snack. Eating three apples a day can reduce the weight of three pounds a week. An apple contains antioxidants and 1500 mg of vitamin C free radicals that cause wrinkles and diseases ranging from heart and made stay young.

Pineapple contains bromelain, an enzyme anti-inflammtory to relieve inflammation in the digestive tract; contain manganese which for enzyme digests protein; as antibiotics and treatment of infection. Pineapple juice is a source of vitamin C and contain bromelain may help reduce bruising.

Citrus fruit commonly known as a source of vitamin C to strengthen the immune system; contains folacin and for the formation of oxygen-carrying red blood cells; contain pectin and soluble fiber slows absorption of food and be able to remove toxins in the body; efficacious in preventing skin cancer, thanks to oil.

One class of watermelon fruit with melon, cucumber; overcome fluid just before menstruation; contains low calories and better at eating fruit because of its own as quickly digested in the intestines; contains vitamin C, beta caroten and potassium which have an important role in the nervous system, heart , muscle, kidney and circulatory system. Potassium helps clear my brain so good for children snack before the exam.

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