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Fish Oil Benefits For Children

Fish Oil Benefits For Children

Increase the growth and development of the brain (intelligence), and perkemmbangan senses of sight, as well as the body's immune system infants and toddlers, with oil "miraculous". Fish oil, could be one solution.

Fish do not just have a delicious and healthy meat to eat, but animals that this one also has oil 'magic' which is very useful for those who consume them: infants, toddlers, and adults. Why? The content of omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil, rich in nutrients that help the flowers grow a brain (intelligence), and the development of the senses of sight, as well as the body's immune system infants and toddlers.

Also fish oil is one of the nutrients that contain fatty acids that benefit wealthy, because it contains approximately 25% saturated fatty acids and 75% unsaturated fatty acids. Polyunsaturated fatty acids (polyunsaturated fatty acid / PUFA) in it will help grow the process of developing brain (intelligence), and the development of his vision and the immune system of infants and toddlers.

Actually, the type of fatty acids in fish oils, there are three, namely:
Unsaturated fatty acids (no double bonds in its carbon chain), such as palmitate.
Single unsaturated fatty acids (a single double bond on carbon chain), for example oleic.
Polyunsaturated fatty acids (have more than one double bond in its carbon chain), for example, linoleic, linolenic, eikosapentanoat acid (EPA), and dokosaheksanoat acid (DHA).

If you want to provide extra nutrition for your baby, there are several options for your child consumed, such as:
Fish oil

Generally, fish oil is extracted from cod liver or halibut body and contains vitamins A and D.
Omega-3 capsules

Fish oil can indeed be made in the form of concentrate yangdilapisi with gelatin as a protector, and sold in the form of gelatin capsules with an extra measure of one gram of 1 IU vitamin E per gram. Actually, this capsule is a mixture of the fatty linolenic acid, EPA and DHA, as well as extracted from fat tissue of fish mackerel, herring, sardines, salmon, and several conclusions were drawn.

Although DHA has particularly property to your child, but you still need proper and careful in choosing DHA. Experts recommend consumption of at least 650 mg DHA per day increased to one gram per day in pregnant women and nursing mothers to meet the needs of the baby and also the lack of DHA in the mother.

One way to fulfill it is a lot of eating sea fish. For example, to prevent cardiovascular disease, are advised to consume 2-4 ounces of fish per week. Unfortunately, a study in the journal Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, showed a lot of these fish are already contaminated with toxic substances like mercury, polichlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and organochlorine pesticides.

According to Stacy Foran Melanson from Harvard Medical School, fish oil supplements is better than fresh fish because pesticides and PCB content was less than the value that can be detected.

It took many years-researched since the 1970s. Toxic substances such as PCBs and pesticides to flow through the lakes and rivers into the ocean and accumulated in the body of deep-sea fish. When these contaminated fish is consumed regularly, it is estimated ingested PCBs and pesticides 70 times and 120 times more. The effect will be more dangerous when consumed children and pregnant women.

Therefore, if you want to get the best quality fish oil, fish oil processing and packaging was very important in determining quality. Quality fish oil that are not are usually unstable and still contain levels of mercury and pesticides is very high. Research from the University of Minnesota also showed fish oil emulsion in the form of better absorption than in capsule form bergelatin.

According to various studies, fish oil supplementation can reduce levels of vitamin E in the blood until advised to add vitamin E when taking fish oil. However, generally good quality fish oil has been enriched with vitamin E to vitamin E did not need additional.


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