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Benefits of Ginseng

Ginseng is a perennial plant and is allowed to grow so one hundred years. Wild ginseng usually grows abundantly in the mountainous forests of the dark and the area that has four climatic seasons differ. Ginseng is grown in the shade of other trees and avoid the direct rays from mahatari. Ginseng indeed be miserable if growing in the open. Ginseng is also needed, with adequate rainfall fluctuations in day and night are great. Land suitable for him is sandy clay.

Ginseng is a very slow growth. At the age of five years, new plants began branching and trunked two branches that arise directly because of the soil. At that age has not flowering plants. After the age of 10 years and then branched off four one particular branch is overgrown with flowers. Ginseng will bloom in every season of flowers. a mature ginseng would have a five leaf stem. Three large leaves and two small. Ginseng flower bud is colored gray and will be swapped into a cluster of dark red fruit in late summer. Its flowers are small, such as hazelnut seeds.

Forms roots shaped like the human body. Root branching and length. His skin was yellow and white in a portion of innards. Specifically varied in length than a few centimeters (on the plants a few years old) to 30 cm (at the plant 10 years and over), bitter and sweet-smelling roots. Sari's womb panaksosida ginseng root (a kind of saponin glycosides).

Panax ginseng is a kind of herb efficacious drugs that are included in the tribe of Araliaceae. Ginseng grows

in the territory of the northern hemisphere, especially in Siberia are Siberian ginseng, Manchurian, Korean ginseng is korean, and the United States that is american

Leaves and Flowers of Ginseng

ginseng. Types of tropical ginseng can be found in Vietnam, namely Panax vietnamensis. The name "ginseng" is taken from English, which is read following the Cantonese pronunciation, Jen Shen, which in Mandarin is pronounced "ren shen", 人蔘, which means duplicate humans, because of its roots that often resembles a human.

Ginseng is often used in traditional medicine. The roots of this plant can improve the flow and increase the production of red blood cells, and helps recovery from illness.

In Indonesia there are also plants that have properties similar to ginseng is ginseng som Java or Java, Talinum paniculatum Gaertn. and ginseng, Talinum triangular Wild. At its roots in traditional medicine mixed with various types of drugs and the most famous in the form of a mixture of wine. Study of the efficacy and kegunaanya been done to make ginseng ginseng as Indonesia.

Ginseng comes than words sehinseng / jen-shen / ren-shen (Chinese language) that carry the meaning "human vegetable". This kerana similarity form roots with the human body.'s Name in Latin ginseng or Panax sainstifik is. Panax Araliaceae family and derived than have a relationship with a family meeting Panacea. Panax intends mengubati all diseases. Ginseng China was more recognizable as Panax ginseng. Also, there is also wild ginseng in the continent of North America that are recognized as Panax quinquefolium. While in Jepun he was known as Panax japonica.

Ginseng is well known among people in China and Korea as "ubat since 5000 years ago. Ginseng is believed for centuries to maintain kesihatan and cure diseases and have been cultured in China and the Korean people's lives to this day. China and the Korean Ginseng is a plant that turns out namely the same type of family Araliaceae Panax ginseng. Along with the progress of the present, ginseng is cultivated in various forms of products to markets outside negeri.Antara is the product marketed ginseng, and honey tablet.

Content of Ginseng:
Chemical constituents of ginseng which is known saponins and glycosides. Glycosides in ginseng root is known as ginsenosida. In addition, ginseng root also 16jenis ginsenosida womb as essential oils, panasena, resih, starch, Panax acid, phytosterol, hormones, vitamins B, kabohirat and cellulose. In the 1960s, similar sebatian known as "terpenidol glycisides" has been found by researchers in Moscow and Tokyo.

Usefulness of Ginseng:
Research on the efficacy of ginseng has indeed been made since the year 1960, by
Chinese scientists, the United States, Japan, and Europe. Experiment and
This shows the usefulness of plant evaluation for prevention and support
healing process.
The scientists claim that Siberian ginseng has the function of adaptogens
best. Adaptogen is a substance to enhance the body's ability
to adapt to stress. Siberian ginseng is not otherwise
toxic (poison), is not addictive (creating dependency) and not
side effect.

"Because it does not pose a risk to the organs of the body, thus
used in the long term, "said Dr.Samuel. Ginseng also serves two
direction, which means that can increase energy without forcing the body's ability,

so you can work more powerful without feeling too tired.
According to Dr. Rachmat, an expert of Chinese medicine from "Shanghai Clinic", Palm
Gading, Jakarta, Korean ginseng extract also very useful. Research
of treatment with ginseng extract in patients with diabetes, hypertension,
cancer and other diseases show improvement of health conditions
relatively quickly and without side effects. These results are compared with
the use of chemical drugs that are often highly toxic and caused

Ginseng root


In 1969, Brehman, scientists from the Soviet Union (now Russia), also examines
benefits of ginseng. He obtains the result that the Soviet Army
eat ginseng can run faster than not eating
Ginseng, said Dr. Samuel, containing two active ingredients, ie, phytochemical and
nutrients. Phytochemical form betasitosterol, kampesterol, kariofilen, acid
sinamik, escin, ferulik acid, fumarik acid, ginsenosides, kaempferol, acid
oleanolik, panaxik acid, panaxin, saponins, stigmasterol, vanilik acid.

Contained nutrient is calcium, fiber, folate, iron, magnesium,
manganese, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, zinc, vitamin Bi, B2, B3, B5, and
C. "Ginsenosides are the most important elements of the ginseng plant
useful for health, "said Dr. And Dr. Samuel. Rachmat.

Overcome Erectile Disorders
Efficacy of ginseng to boost sexual performance does not seem
just a myth. Red ginseng (red ginseng), which is widely available in Korea
aprodisiak nature and effective treatment for erectile disorder. For
restore the stamina needed dose of pure extract weighing 0.5 grams per
days. To overcome the sexual apathy, which required more dose
high, ie 2-3 g per day.

Studies about the benefits of ginseng for erectile disorders conducted in
University of Ulsan and the Korea Ginseng and Tobacco Research Institute in
Seoul, South Korea, and reported by "The Journal of Urology".
The study involved 45 men who experienced erectile disorder. In
the men are given a random pill contains 900 milligrams of ginseng and placebo
(Blank or fake pill) three times a day. Entering the week
Eighth, the study was stopped for two weeks. Then, for eight
The next week passed on by changing patterns of research, which was originally
received placebo replaced ginseng, and vice versa. Both researchers and
participants do not know which pills are placebos and which contains ginseng.

The result, the value of erectile function, desire, and sexual satisfaction in
intercourse was higher at the time than men to drink ginseng
when given a placebo. The men claimed to be able to obtain and
maintain an erection better when obtaining ginseng.

We obtain ginseng, 60 percent of men admitted erection capabilities
improved. Conversely, the group receiving placebo, only 20 percent
who claimed to have improved erections.

Unfortunately, the study did not examine the working power of ginseng to improve
erection. Researchers only speculate that the ginseng to increase production
nitric oxide, a substance that widens blood vessels, but not
explained whether the blood flow to the penis become more fluent.

DR. Franklin C. Lowe, Director of Urology at the ST. Luke's Roosevelt Hospital,
New York, and Chairman of the Committee for Alternative Healing in "American Urological
Association ", considers the results of the research was interesting. He added
that would be better if the respondent is involved including patients with
various types of erectile problems and because different too.

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