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Prevent Skin Cancer since Now

Prevent Skin Cancer since Now!

DISEASE adult skin cancers tend to have increased in number especially in the area of South Africa, and Australia. What article?

As quoted from Health24, Thursday (23/07/2009) The biggest of skin cancer around the world suffered many Europeans found living in South Africa and Australia. Section, the two countries to receive ultraviolet radiation (UV) with a high level.

Dr Carl Albrecht voiced concern because people who live in South Africa are not too aware of the dangers of skin cancer compared with people who live in Australia.

The cause of the spread of skin cancer is too much exposure to UV radiation, and accustomed to sunbathing on the beach wearing only a bathing suit. Many people do not realize the dangers of UV rays when absorbed in the sun.

In this case, sunbathing is not something that nourish the skin because of the potential skin cancer.

If you include a person who likes to sunbathe but do not want to suffer from skin cancer, it is very easy to prevent it. Wearing a brimmed hat and sunglasses to avoid direct sun exposure to face. In addition, long-sleeved dress with a loose model and the cold material can also protect the skin from dangerous UV bad.

Do not ever leave the house to go to the beach without wearing sunscreen on the face! Protect your whole body from the worst dangers of sunlight with a minimum SPF 45.

Especially in young children and babies, they are easily attacked by diseases of skin cancer. Sunlight should be avoided between the hours of 10:00 am to 16:00. pm Because in the middle of the day's UV rays are very strong.

This applies not only to the children. However, adults also should avoid exposure to direct sunlight bad at those times.

Pale white-skinned person with red hair should also be more attentive to her skin. In addition, people who have many moles on his face and freckles on the face is recommended to better care for their skin.

Moreover, if you have a history of skin cancer in the family lineage. You should be more attention to skin health.

In addition to skin cancer, exposure to UV light directly on the skin can also cause skin to become thicker and shrunken. Premature aging is also very likely happen at your young age.

Skin irritation and various other skin diseases can also be suffered by you if too much exposure to UV light. (NSA)


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