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Maintain Eye Health Tips

Maintain Eye Health Tips

Clear vision can help us in various ways, such as working, enjoying the scenery, or communication with others. If you want to have healthy eyes, of course you have to take care of him.

There are several things you can do to maintain healthy eyes, see me here:
Check your eye health at the ophthalmologist. At these visits not only view kemapuan examination (visual acuity), but also checks eye pressure (to find out glaucoma), examination of macular degeneration, the possibility of cataracts, and other investigations. If you have a history of eye disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure, are advised to check at least twice a year.
Consultation with your doctor immediately if you got the changes on the ability of view, such as double vision or blurred, there are letters missing when viewing the print, can not see his face clearly, or other disorders of view.
Protect eyes from exposure to Sunar ultra violet (UV), dust, wind and the light is too strong. If located in areas with strong sunlight, use UV glasses.
Consumption of healthy food for the eyes, for example, that contain antioxidants, carotene (carrots, spinach), zinc (beef or lamb), and selenium (fish or red meat).
Avoid eye injury. Use safety glasses when working, especially when jobs are at risk, such as in workshops, construction work, or other work. If there are foreign bodies in the eye, do not dikucek, it is better to use warm water to clean sterile foreign body or take it to a doctor immediately.

Currently Watching Television
Actually, watching television is something that is safe for the eyes, because it stretches in the eyes when watching TV is not too excessive than when menbaca. By paying attention to the following, your eyes are safe while watching TV:
Adequate lighting, not too big and too low. Lighting that is too strong to reduce the contrast on the screen and obscure the view. Should not place a light source that can lead to reflections on the television. We recommend that you print color television around neutral.
Better lighting in the living room television is not completely dark. Dark room contrast of the total cause excessive television became so disturbed the eye. Not adjust the color in the room with television, but television which adjusts the condition of the room.
Note the distance watching. At least the distance between the eyes and is five times diameter television screen. At that distance, the image can be seen clearly and do not disturb the eye. If you often watch at close range, you should immediately conduct eye health examination. Nearsightedness (myopia) often occurs in children who watch television in close proximity.
Make sure the television has been regulated well. The position should be parallel with the eyes of television so when you watch the do not have to look up or bend over.
If required memekai glasses, use sunglasses while watching television.

When Using Computers
Interacting with a computer screen for a prolonged period resulted in unstretched and dry eye. Some tips related to the television screen can be used when using a computer.
If it's too long, you should pull over to rest my eyes for a moment. In addition, frequent blinking is also advised to avoid dry eyes.
If there agangguan vision while using computers, you should consult with the ophthalmologist.
The distance between the monitor screen with the eye approximately 30-40 cm with the position of the top of the screen according degan eyeball height or slightly below the eye.
Make sure that your monitor can be adjusted using the slope so you can easily adjust the position of the eye. If you have funds, we recommend using the LCD monitor because the radiation is lower than with CRT monitors.
Use a screen protector on the computer screen to reduce the emission of radiation.
If you experience visual disturbances, either nearsightedness or near, use glasses to ensure that the appropriate shadow falling on the retina .***

So, yes ... love your eyes

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