Selasa, 04 Mei 2010

benefits of Cambodia


Cambodia's first tree (Plumeria rubra Acutifolia.) Known as the graveyard of trees. However, now, this tree, and pledged instead cultivated ornamental plants. Besides as an ornamental plant, Cambodia appears to have significant efficacy for the drug. The content in this tree are empirically proven to cure some diseases.

- Compounds agoniadin
- Plumierid
- Plumerat acid
- Lupeol
- Acid serotinat
- Plumierid is a bitter toxic substance.

- Resin
- Kautscuk
- A type of rubber compound
- Amytin triterpenoids and lupeol

In traditional medicine frangipani sap used for toothache medicine or drug injury, while the bark is very effective to suppress pain and swelling and cracking on soles of feet.

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