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Damping Stress Without Food

To event their stress with food is not away out.

Research emory university revealed that stress at the office employees who will be eating a lot. Whithin two months of their body weight will increase. Different from those who are a little "naughty" and relaxed in their work. Those with severe stress usully have high level of the hormon cortisol. Cortisol was able to convert fat into glucose, which is harmful to health. How to cope with stress without food:

*. Send a email to yourself, every time you eat.

Tell me in an email that a working relationship with superiors,work deadlines, and what was perceived
( stress, anger, or panic ). Look back a message every week flat knows how emotions influence on your diet. Continue with plans to change this habit.
*. Divert attention.

Call a friend or tell me everything you feel. Do before you decide to snack.
*. Drinking green tea or black tea.

Before snack " steal the start ", drink the tea that contains theanin, an amino acid compounds that can help
the brain become relaxed.
*. Join the mailing list, or write in the web/blog express all your feelins on it.
*. What tv show or dvd.

Choose a funny tv show,drinking hot tea do not forget to snack, make your heart happy always.



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