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How to rise to your stroke risk?

* High fat diet.

The same food associated with hearth attack -red meats, anything friend can also raise your risk of brain    attack. menopausal women who can sumed high-fat diets dad 40% more incidences of ischemic stroke than low fat eaters. Women who consumed seven grams of trans fat each day had 30% more stroke incident than those who eat one gram.. To eat instead lot of vegetables, whole grains,fish,olive oil,nut and seeds,aand very little red-meat and sweet.
* Being un happy*

Happinessis music to your cardiovascular system. Happy people are more likely to get medical care,exercise and stay healthy, all protective factors against stroke.

* Being obese*

More weight means a higher risk of stroke. The biggest culprits, according to the data are high blood pressure and diabetes.

* Smoking*
Lighting up nearly doubles your risk of stroke. One 1998 study found that forme smokers had the same rate of stroke as non smokers, 5 years after snuffing their last cigarette.

* Being a born and bred southerner*
Have loong been known as the "stroke belt" But recent research suggests that just being born and
spending your childhood in one of these states raise your risk for stroke, even if you move away later.



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