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Tips Distinguishing Genuine Honey and Mixed

Tips Distinguishing Genuine Honey and Mixed

Fake or artificial honey is honey-like solution. Made without the help of bees or use as a nectar sugar. Generally have the same color honey. Because it is difficult for laymen to distinguish between genuine honey and artificial honey. At companies that have received production permit will list the product description that can be known whether it is genuine or synthetic honey. Synthetic honey outstanding among which are honey melon, pumpkin watermelon, and dates.

Long since been a lot of honey produced fake people. Glucose by mixing with sugar, fruit, flavor and dye. Fake honey in the laboratory will be identified by chemical analysis. The content of HMF (5-hydroxy methyl furfural) with a maximum 3mg/100gram, diastase enzyme activity at least five and content ratio of potassium (K) and sodium (Na) in the original honey around 4.0 while the fake honey from 0.005 to 0.1.

Testing content of the authenticity of honey is not easy, in addition to the cost too expensive. It takes sophisticated equipment to detect whether there is a mixture with other sugars in honey. Meanwhile, the efficacy of honey for the obvious health benefits, making rogue traders do mix with sugar cane or palm sugar. For most people, issued by the sweet taste of honey and mix difficult to distinguish genuine. With the look and feel, honey experts will be able to distinguish between the original and the fake honey. One of the most practical test is to use a pH meter. False honey typically has a pH of 2.4 to 3.3 or above 5, while honey has a pH of 3.4 to 4.5. To find out more can be done in a laboratory test of honey content. One of the testing laboratories where there is honey in Bogor.

Honey in Indonesia itself is divided into two, namely the result of honey bee farm and honey forest. The definition of livestock honey is honey that is taken from the flower nectar of certain trees such as Rambutan, Longan, durians and so on. When the trees are flowering, then digiringlah bees already in the boxes to the tree plantation. The characteristic aroma of honey is a honey farm in accordance with flower nectar from trees that were seized.

Meanwhile, forest honey, flower nectar more varied because extorted from various trees. Forest honey is better known because more nutrients are made up of minerals and vitamins. Type of forest honey bees would be better than the honey bee farm. The best type of honey it will not freeze even if placed in the freezer for months because the water level is below 20%.

Nevertheless, forest honey and honey both have weaknesses livestock. When honey is harvested in the rainy season will contain a lot of rain, while the nature of their own rain water is acidic. Apart from causing more liquid, honey is also oxidized the air becomes more acidic and will be fermented. Consequently, the gas can break through the bottle cap. Ants did not want to approach it tastes sour sour-sweet. When this type of honey is inserted into the freezer will be easily frozen, although including the original.

Actually, there are several ways to determine the authenticity of honey scientifically. For example, with carbon analysis, microscopic analysis, analysis of hydroxymethylfurfural, analysis of the polarity of light and last test of acidity. Of these five ways, four of the first to use tools that are quite expensive and specific expertise. So, not everyone can do it. While the acidity test, a test fee that is relatively easy and inexpensive. But, it still requires a deep knowledge of honey. If not, will still be difficult to distinguish where the original honey, the honey mixture, and honey-made (artificial honey).

In developing the habit of society tests indicated the authenticity of honey that illuminates when burned with cigarette lighters, eggs can be cooked, not seeped when dropped on newsprint, and so forth. Tests are in fact not one hundred percent correct, still need verification through the laboratory.

Actually there are still other ways that could become the benchmark and done by everyone, namely with honey dripping on water in the dish of white porcelain. When the plate is shaken to the left and right, then before the honeymoon was a mixture will form a hexagon or honeycomb. The longer it lasted hexagon shape, meaning the better the nutrients contained in the original honey honey alias. The faster the hexagon shape that fades, then it is clear that the honey mixture, because the nutrients are substantially reduced.

Another way that might easily be done is the same as above, but the plate is not rocked. Quite taken any action. Native honey has a low water content will not make the water in the dish became turbid. While that has been mixed with honey or artificial honey will gradually make the water becomes turbid. Are the ants could be the benchmark for determining the honey is genuine or not? Basically, the nature of the ants like sweet things, including the sweet taste of honey there. However, more viscous nectar (water level slightly) more difficult for ants to detect the location of the sweet taste of honey is due to molecules that are in Honey remain intact, not broken. Conversely, if the water level is high (above 20%), then the ants easily approached.


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